7 Interesting Facts Related Frequent Sex

SeributawaNews - The event was not just sex penetration, but is an expression of deepest love of husband and wife. You can even show affection to each other through hugs, touching, kissing, or affectionate words that fosters romance.

Want to know the benefits of having sex, you should find out some interesting facts Your Tango presented the following:

Hair shine and skin

For women, the extra estrogen from orgasm makes hair shine. The sweat produced during sex can cleanse pores. So do not be surprised if your skin looks more radiant pascaberhubungan intimate. Serotonin produces spark that makes your skin glow.

Calming effect

Sex ten times more effective than Valium, without side effects. In addition, regular sex can cope with nasal congestion. Sex is a natural antihistamine. Sex can even help fight fever and asthma that you suffered. Wow!

Streamline the buttocks and abdomen

Having sex regularly can streamline your buttocks and abdomen. Plus, another bonus can improve your posture.

Boost immunity

Endorphins stimulate immune system cells that fight disease. Sex can also keep you young. Because the sex actually slows the aging process. In addition, sex also lowers levels of cortisol in the bloodstream which reduces stress and slows the aging process.

Protection against Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis

Women who have sex more often, it is said to have higher estrogen levels, which protect from Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis.

Improved sense of smell


After sex, production of prolactin surge. Where this causes stem cells in the brain can develop new neurons in the brain smell center (olfactory bulb). So do not be surprised if you become sensitive to smell your partner's body.

Lose weight

Activity mengebu the passionate sex can burn at least two hundred calories. Total calories burned is almost the same as walking for fifteen minutes on the treadmill.

The other good news, British researchers determined that eating a Big Mac burger as much as six servings can be burned by having sex three times a week for one year. (dechacare)


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