Dry Skin on Face

SeributawaNews - Dry facial skin that would not radiate freshness. In fact, the freshness of the face giving the appearance of a prime and growing confidence. In addition to the inappropriateness of care, dry skin can be caused by various factors.

Dry skin is caused because the skin tends to dry. However, the lack of fluid intake, dehydration due to illness, treatments that dry the skin such as the use of antiseptic soap, bath with water that is too cold or heat, and high ambient temperatures and low humidity may be other factors causing dry skin on your face.

Therefore, to keep skin soft, moist, and fresh need to consider various factors. Like for example, pay attention to adequate fluid intake each day. Drink about 8 to 10 glasses per day to give adequate intake for the freshness of the skin.

Bath with water that is too hot or too cold also have an impact on skin health. It is recommended to use an appropriate soap is sticking to the skin. In addition, in order to avoid dry skin is not direct sunlight and avoid air-conditioned room is too cold.

To provide moisture to dry skin, moisturizing cream should be used. Moisturizing creams usually work draws water from the surrounding skin and prevent too much evaporation. In using a moisturizer to note when basting. When is best to use a moisturizer is immediately after bathing. After the bath the skin is still damp so the moisturizer can function optimally.

Now there are many on the market various types of moisturizers. Materials used were very diverse as lactic acid, glycolic acid, urea, etc.. in high concentrations.

If one had tried moisturizers but no sign of improvement in the skin to stop the use of moisturizers. Indeed, the use of moisturizers seem like try and error. However, some moisturizer brands must be found according to the skin.

Talk to experts or dermatologist, if it turns out a variety of moisturizers are not appropriate to skin type.


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