4 Benefits of Sex for Skin Beauty

SeributawaNews - Sex has many benefits, you may have heard it often. Whether it reduces stress, or burn calories. Apparently, sex has many other benefits related to skin health. Sexology expert Dr. Gloria G. Bramer said, sex is not only keep you young, but also make your skin brighter and beyond reproach. So, next time you feel not in the mood to have sex because he was upset with her husband, do for your skin beauty!

Make your skin glow

Bramer said, having sex can improve blood circulation, thus helping to pump oxygen into the skin and make it look brighter. Sex also helps remove toxins in the body and makes your lips look fuller.

Controlling acne

Just as when you exercise, sex also reduces your hormone levels, and balance it. The result, according to Bramer, your skin becomes brighter, your hair was so much healthier.

Prevent dry skin

Dry skin can be prevented by drinking lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day. But it does not mean having sex can replace your drink intake. Having sex also has the same function with water, which hydrate the skin. Because sex to improve blood circulation, blood will be delivered throughout the body more efficiently. This provides the necessary moisture to keep skin healthy.

Getting rid of premature aging

Stuck in rush can make you look several years older. With sex, you encourage the production of collagen, which will prevent spots on face and skin are declining due to gravity. Collagen production also will free you from wrinkles. In fact there may be no face masks any brand that works just as effective as that performed sex on your skin.


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