Syria Reported Ready to Accept Arab League Agreement

SeributawaNews - Syria has reportedly responded "positively" the Arab League proposed a plan that aims to end eight months of violence in the country and expects the deal will be signed soon, Syria's Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdesi said on Monday (5 / 12) .

He said, however, that the decision taken by the Arab League, including economic sanctions against Damascus and the suspension of its membership, should also be canceled when the protocol is signed.

He was speaking after the latest deadline for an Arab League initiative that aims to stop President Bashar al-Assad's brutal action to the demonstrator where the UN says more than 4,000 people have been killed.

Damascus condemned the initiative of the League, which includes plans to allow observers into the country to monitor the unrest would violate their national sovereignty.

But later said it had asked for clarification on the proposal and did not reject foreign interference.

Makdesi said Syria also wants the statement submitted by the Arab League secretary-general and prime minister of Qatar who opposed foreign intervention in Syria was officially incorporated in the agreement.

"This protocol is intended to be signed soon," said Makdesi told reporters in Damascus. "The Syrian government has responded positively to the draft protocol."

"I'm optimistic, although I'm waiting for a response from the Arab League," he said, adding that Syria wants the agreement signed in Damascus. (eramuslim)


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