Who is the Book According to the Qur'an

SeributawaNews - Jumhur fuqaha berpendapata that is meant by the Scripture are Jews and Christians with a variety of groups.

Among the arguments which showed such a thing is what God Almighty has spoken:

أن تقولوا إنما أنزل الكتاب على طائفتين من قبلنا وإن كنا عن دراستهم لغافلين (156)

It means: "(We sent down the Koran) that you (not) said:" The Book was only revealed to two sects before us. "(Surat al-An` am: 156)

Shaykh Ibn Baaz contracted-may God have mercy, saying that the Scripture is the Jews and Christians, as mentioned by the scholars and the interpretations of other scholars.

As for those Zoroastrian does not include the Book in absolute but intercourse with them by taking the jizya from them because the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wa sallam took it from them.

As for their women-slaughter and slaughter them (Magians) forbidden to Muslims according to the priest and the other four, this is like a consensus of scientists. The opinion which justifies them (women and slaughtered Zoroastrianism, pen) is considered odd that has not been confirmed by science experts. (Majmoo 'Fatawa juz IV p. 270)

Similarly, the question of the Book in the word of God Almighty:

اليوم أحل لكم الطيبات وطعام الذين أوتوا الكتاب حل لكم وطعامكم حل لهم

It means: "On this day made lawful to you the good, the food (slaughtered) persons who have been given the Book is lawful unto you, and ye halal food (too) for them." (Surat al-Maidah: 5), those Jews and Christians.

It was explained in the commentary books, including what was said by Imam ath-Tabari that the word of God: "The food (slaughtered) persons who have been given the Book is lawful unto you" is and the sacrifices of the Book of Jews and Christians, namely those who revealed to them the law and the gospel then their religion with them or one of the two. (Tafseer Juz ath-Tabari IX, p. 571-572)

Similarly Imam al Baidhawi mentioned in his commentary that the verse of Surat al-Maidah verse 5-include people who are given to them al Book of the Jews and the Christians in the meantime Ali exclude (slaughter) from among the Christians of Bani Taghlib saying: "They are not Christians and they are not adhered to him except in The wine to drink." (Tafsir al Baidhawi juz II p. 48)

But opinion jumhur friend and besides they are not forbid the slaughter of people of Bani Taghlib.

In the book "Al Fatawa al Kubro" mentioned that Ibn Abbas Ali at loggerheads with the issue of slaughtering the people of Bani Taghlib. Ali said, "It is forbidden semebelihan they nor their women. in fact they are not adhered to the Christian religion except in the case of drinking The wine ...

But Ibn Abbas said that it was permissible based on the word of God Almighty:

ومن يتولهم منكم فإنه منهم

It means: "Whoever among you takes them to become leaders, then surely that person Included among them." (Surat al-Maidah: 51)

Most of the Muslims from the companions and their addition does not forbid their slaughter-slaughter. And it is not known except for opinion of Ali alone. And it has been narrated by Ibn Abbas meaning of Umar bin Khattab.

Among the scholars who chose 'Umar and Ibn Abbas opinion is the opinion jumhur, such as Abu Hanifa, Malik, Ahmad in one history of the two memoirs are classed as saheeh by madzhabnya even the adherents of this opinion becomes final opinion, even all the Muslims of the Companions, Successors and tabi'i tabi'in hold this opinion. (Al-Fatawa al Kubro juz I p. 153). (eramuslim)

And Allaah knows best


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