AfterBurn Effect, Burning Fat For 38 Hours

SeributawaNews - A few moments ago, I wrote an article about Elevated HIIT Cardio can burn fat more here: lagi.html.
Some sources say that studies like this do HIIT cardio can burn fat 3x more compared to when you do cardio with a constant speed. Its benefits are in addition to burning fat, we can abbreviate the time of our sport. 20-30 minutes on a treadmill and completed without having to linger like old-fashioned way to do cardio for 45-60 minutes per session.
    EPOC effect is the case until 38 hours after exercise.

When you do HIIT Cardio Elevated this, the effects are often referred to as AfterBurn Effect. Official language is Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC, namely to increase the consumption of oxygen by the body after doing high-intensity activity. By the time you finish doing HIIT cardio sessions, EPOC serves to restore the body to its original state. EPOC will let the body adapt to HIIT cardio workout you just did.

In this adaptation process, many variables are involved, such as including the process of hormone balancing, energy returns, repair body cells. I call this initial condition is, the condition of our bodies before doing HIIT. Body always has a point of balance in all things. HIIT is forcing our body to work harder, and after that, the EPOC will be continued in line when the body back to the beginning of a new equilibrium point. Why do I call a new starting point? Because after doing HIIT, our bodies will be different to the previous, increased stamina, increased body performance.

EPOC process occurs with high enough immediately after exercise, and slowly going down. Research conducted found that the effect of EPOC is the case until 38 hours after exercise. EPOC process gives a pleasant effect is a reduction in body fat recorded even though the exercise itself burn fewer calories when done. This has led to the use of Elevated HIIT Cardio is effective enough to use for those who want to reduce fat in the body.

HIIT Cardio elevated advised to use at least 2 days to provide an opportunity for the body to return to the initial conditions and does not occur overtraining. Consistency is more important than you do in the morning afternoon and then overtraining.(duniafitnes)


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