Tablet Android USD $ 180 So Idol

SeributawaNews - The tablet is now becoming a trend among large lamsyarakat because it provides ease of service and convenience in accessing the data or surfing in cyberspace (browsing). In terms of design, the tablet represents a dynamic lifestyle and support the mobility of users in the move.

Interest Indocomtech 2011 visitors to the tablet purchase tablet recorded in the queue. Nexian in this exhibition provide a special promo price for their Android devices. Genius Tablet Android Froyo 2.2 A7500 priced Rp1, 499 million, half the normal price which reached Rp 3 million.

The new tablet measures 7 inches until the third day of the exhibition is already sold 500 units. Android Other products are also attractive to visitors.

Android Smartphone Ultra A891 Journey has sold over 800 units at a price of 749 thousand, the normal price Rp1.499 million. Wifi Router, MI FI priced at Rp499 thousand below the normal price of 1 million. Routers today it has sold 500 units.

"All of our discount of 50 percent, every day of the queue is full," said Centris Nexian Data Manager, Wirahadikusuma on the sidelines of the promo at Booth Nexian, JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Friday, November 4, 2011.
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Every day quota for Tablet Genius Smartphones 200 units and 400 units restricted Ultra Journey. Target until the end of 2500 the exhibition according to the Wira entirely to a third device that android device. "For Genius Tablet targets thousand units later, the rest for others," he said.

The enthusiasm of visitors who lined up, he says, has been seen since 9 o'clock this morning. Visitors are given bracelets as a sign of the queue.

Especially for MI FI Router does not apply since the queue is not as much interested visitors and Smartphones Ultra Tablet Genius Journey. To provide opportunities for visitors, the queue is divided into two stages, ie, morning and night. (Vivanews)


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