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SeributawaNews - Massage the clitoris, sensational skills that you can try when having sex with a partner. Many couples use a little trick on the vulva and clitoris before sex. If you really want to impress your partner, try to give more attention to giving massage on her clitoris. Couples who have a permanent physical disability is only temporary and can take advantage of massage the clitoris. Pregnant women may have increased sexual desire and orgasm but they realize that they can not do from vaginal sex. Couples who experience paralysis may not be able to perform physical movements during sex. Impotent men can still have the desire to give their partner sexual satisfaction and orgasm. Realize that sex also can live in without having an erection and have sex.

The location where Her Clitoris?

Before the massage course you need to know where the clitoris couples, such as what and how to feel when it is weak or in the erect state. There is one way to learn it by doing the examination.

With the help of light, ask your partner undress or maybe he wants to keep wearing clothes that are comfortable. Have him lay on a bed, sitting in a chair, or sitting on the bed while reclining on some pillows placed tip of the bed.

Make sure that your ki memili an easy entrance to her vulva, and make sure you both feel comfortable. You can also ask him to sit between your legs, still facing each other.

What is the distance and the light you need, a flashlight can help you illuminate her vulva so you can see everything clearly. Maybe a stand-up mirror could also be involved if your partner wants to see the vulva and clitoris, and what you are doing.

Begin examining her vulva as normal, with the outer labia (outer lips) at rest. Be careful to check everything with your fingers. Stroked and then punched. Notice the softness of skin, color and texture of his skin. Touch her vulva with the palm of your hand, your fingers and adjust to her body. If your partner has a lot of hair, you can cut it with scissors. No need to shave in the pubic area.

Gently move your fingers to spread the outer labia. Check what's inside. Identify her inner labia, clitoris and urethra and vaginal opening. Invite your partner involved by asking him to help hold the outer labia open with one or both hands, it will make it feel more familiar with the area involved and sensuality.

If you can not identify her clitoris, ask her to show you the location. Since there are many differences in genital anatomy, some individual structures may not be easily recognized, for both men and women.

There are women who do not have the inner labia or just one part. Well-developed clitoris will be easily visible, but many are very small and hidden by surrounding tissue that may be just a woman who knows where to find out which is most sensitive to touch.

Once you locate her clitoris, try to identify all the different parts. Trunk \ body, glans, and the head \ foreskin. Depending on the size and tightness of her hood you may not be able to retract it far enough to expose the clitoris.

If it is indeed a problem, you can feel it under her hood. If the glans is small, you could just feel the shaft of her clitoris when she is erect, but not the glans itself. There stems are very thin and difficult to detect.

In this case, you can only recognize it when you feel it become stiff (erect) between the tip of your fingers. Maybe your partner can guide you while holding the glans at the tip of your fingers if you can not feel it. Be very gentle when examining her clitoris, most are extremely sensitive.

Observe and learn

The next step for beginners or as a warm-up for those of you who have experienced partner masturbate to orgasm. Start by slowly, to show a touch different, the pressures that he hoped for and frequency of each touch. So you can understand what she likes and also become more responsive.

Need a lot of practice masturbation repeated for you to become as good as him when he did it himself. Masturbate to orgasm before you begin the massage to dmembuatnya more mood and make it more responsive to additional sexual stimulation.

There are women who genitals overly sensitive after orgasm, so you have to divert to other areas in body massage for a few minutes before starting again massaging her clitoris. Some women can only have one orgasm in the beginning, so go slow and try to make him feel comfortable. You can ask your partner to masturbate in front of you, this can help you find a more appropriate area of ​​the clitoris, but do not force her to do this if indeed he is reluctant to do.

Masturbating in front of your partner is normal, many women do it. Masturbation is not just a solo activity. You can not make mistakes or make a fool of yourself and think will lose the intimacy that you experience when you masturbate alone.

Clitoral Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the clitoris in women is very varied from one to another. There are women who experience pain if their clitoris is touched directly, and women with a clitoris that is not sensitive to touch at all. Others may require a light touch at first but it took a touch stronger so that they reach orgasm.

The best beginning is to do a light touch and then slowly increase the amount of pressure. Observe the movements of his body and his voice, to see the intensity of your stress. Do not squeeze the clitoris is too tight and aggressive. Some women prefer a firm squeeze on the point of orgasm, but talk to him first before you actually try it. Ticklishness can be an indication of nervousness or because of a very soft touch, let him breathe deeply and relax.

Depending on the sensitivity of your partner's clitoris and the amount of natural lubrication, you may need to apply additional lubrication before beginning the massage. First, try without lubrication, but if she pulls away or reports she is too sensitive or did not feel anything, use much oil at all layers of the vulva. Use oil-based liquid lubricant, you can also use the new sexual silicone oil. When I first tried to massage the clitoris additional lubrication on hand just in case. Maybe at the beginning you will never want to touch her clitoral glans directly without giving the oil in your fingers.

Wearing rubber gloves or gloves made of vinyl also you can do. If you have a rough leather finger gloves will make your fingers feel slippery and would be useful if your partner's clitoris is very sensitive. Rubber gloves or vinyl gloves are also useful if you put your fingers into the vagina during the massage because the nails can scratch the vaginal walls.

Maintaining a Physical Relationship

Try to keep physical contact with a partner, before doing the massage. You will realize the sexual power that flows between you and your mate, sounds weird but it's true. Grabbing everything you need with your hands. Why you not try

touching his knees, thrusting your hand into the inner thigh, and finally got into her vulva, rather than through private place so quickly. Touching your cold hand directly on her vulva will make it shocked even ruin his mood. Warm water and a little grease to help you make it more relaxed.

Basic Technique

The size and state of the clitoris to determine how many fingers you can use. If you can find a place and feel the shaft of her clitoris with your fingers, you can use your thumb and forefinger. If she has a clitoris that grow well you can use your thumb, forefinger and other fingers. But if you can not hold the shaft and the glans clitoris because it is too small or hidden, you can use the tip of the index finger or thumb may be only just.

If you can hold her clitoris with just two or three fingers, you can do the following: Hold the shaft of her clitoris gently with your thumb or your index finger. Gently, gently push the cover layer of tissue around the clitoris, from back to front (forward and backward), feel the main form of the clitoris. Determine how much of the thin tissue along the stem. Maybe you do not want to hold the tissue was first but if her clitoris is small you will not be able to avoid it.

As you push your fingers along the stem from back to front, hood should also be pushed from behind and so on, to stimulate the glans. Do it slowly and see your partner to find out whether he is enjoying what you do or do not, try to keep in eye contact with him if possible. If you are not able to see his reaction through body language, ask him if you did make him feel comfortable. Keep your communication.

If you just can not hold her clitoris, try to place the tip of your index finger on top of the body of her clitoris or the head of her clitoris, it will show which parts are most sensitive, while moving back and forth to stimulate her clitoris and make it an erection, even if the clitoris is very small and hidden .

Continue rubbing her clitoris, if he is enjoying what you do go ahead in a fixed tempo. As he increasingly eager you can slowly and gently increase the amount of pressure you. The speed you can wipe fickle, slow at the beginning and faster as she approached orgasm. Keep your finger is always held the skin covering the body of her clitoris, to ease the slide back and forth along the hole. Continue until she reaches orgasm.

Soon after her orgasm change the sweep to be very light, as long as sensitive clitoris, or move your fingers to her labia. After a few minutes you can start again or quit. Never stop abruptly massage unless he says he was so sensitive to her touch. Maintain physical relationship as long as she felt her orgasms has decreased.

Sexual Fantasy

During the massage invite women to fantasize sexually, a good start if he's thinking about the massage itself. Give him time to fantasize, closing his eyes, making the whole body relaxes muscles. This will make the massage more comfortable. (Dechacare)


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