Found, 3 Unique Planets and Mysterious Object

SeributawaNews - A number of interesting findings were announced by astronomers from Penn State University, Pennsylvania, United States. When the discovery of exoplanets has become a common finding, astronomers discovered three planets are unique and a mysterious object in space.

What is unique about these three planets is that they are orbiting a red star, which is old and dying. These stars are usually located in the final stages of his life and generally will suck the planets that are too close to him.

Third planet named HD 240237, BD 48 738, and HD 96 127. BD 48 738 even had a mysterious objects surrounding them. Object could be another planet, a low-mass stars or brown dwarfs, objects that its mass is between cool stars and a giant planet.

"We will continue to monitor these strange objects and hopes to reveal his identity in the next few years," said Alex Wolszczan, lead researcher, as quoted by Universe Today, October 31, 2011. Wolszczan was the first astronomer who discovered exoplanets, ie three small planets orbiting a pulsar, a neutron star, in 1992.

The sun is expected to be a dying star or red giant stars in 5 billion years into the future. Although not good news for humanity, fortunately it's still pretty long. In addition, before the Earth, planets like Mercury and Venus in advance will be eaten by the sun when it swells in size.

Recent findings about planets orbiting a dying star itself will be the focus of Planets Around Stellar Remnants conference which will take place in Puerto Rico, January. Konfernsi held by the Center for exoplanets and habitable Worlds, Penn State that will coincide with the 20 years since Wolszczan discovered the first exoplanet. (Vivanews)


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