Starting Step Exercises For Ideal Body Shaping

SeributawaNews - All men must have longed for an athletic body shape to the shape of a beautiful muscle. While the women would want a slimmer body shape with a tight muscle. Many who have managed to get a beautiful body, but some are up to now still limited to thinking about how to improve their bodies, and they do not have an idea how to begin his training. Do you belong to one of them? Listen to the answers of the questions that often arise in your mind the following!

Practice What You Should Do?

A good exercise is an exercise based on compound exercises. Examples of compound exercises are:

    * Squat: Squat tops the list for the compound exercise. As the best compound exercises, squats can train multiple muscles at the same time. Trained muscles as you perform squats are the thigh muscles, calves, and buttocks. Squat can also strengthen the abdominal muscles and back muscles to improve body balance.

    * Lunges: as well as exercise squats, lunge exercise also works the lower bicep. This is a good exercise to train the abdominal muscles, back, thighs and buttocks. This exercise is also best done by women who want the ideal body shape. When practicing lunge, you should try to keep your body upright to minimize stress on your back.

    * Benchpress: bench press is the most popular chest exercises. This exercise is to train the upper body, especially the chest muscles, shoulders, and arms.

    * Lat pulldown:
This exercise aims to train the back muscles. In addition, if you do the exercise correctly, you can get that toned arm muscles with just one workout.

    * Dumbbell Row: This exercise focuses on the top and middle of your body, especially for the formation of the biceps, shoulders, and arms.

    * Shoulder Press: the aim is to train the shoulder muscles, especially the front and sides. In the same time, this exercise is also good for toning the muscles of the neck and the back arm. This exercise can be done either with a dumbbell or a barbell with sitting or standing position.

    * Abdominal Bicycle: if you want to increase the strength of your abdominal muscles, abdominal bicycle can help you make it happen. This exercise is also effective to train the abdominal muscles top, bottom, and side abdominal muscles.

What You Should Do First Time?

You need to know that doing the exercises correctly is the foundation for your success. When your body is getting used to the exercises you do, you can do some additional movement to increase the strength of your body. You can start by training the chest muscles and abdominal muscles on Monday, then train your back muscles and shoulder on Tuesday, muscular arms on Thursday, and muscular legs on Friday. In this way means that the body can perform recovery on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

How Many Sets And Repetition What Should You Do?
For example, if you do 15 reps, then you just do it 1 to 2 sets only. For 10-12 reps, do 2 or 3 sets. For 8 reps, do 3 or 4 sets. The key is to adjust the total volume of each exercise you do.

How Do You Get Progress?
This depends on your workout goals. For the purpose of obtaining power, when you add heavier weights you should reduce the amount of your reps and using progressive load in each set. With goals, you can lift the heaviest load on each end of the set that you do every week. As for muscle building purposes, you can add 1 or 2 reps each set or adding a set of each exercise you do. This makes your muscles work more and lead to the formation of bigger muscles.

How to Avoid Pain Tired?
To prevent boredom, you can give a variation on the pattern of your workout. Whether it's by doing a variation on weight training, for example by replacing the exercise chin ups with pull-ups, and so on.

Whatever strategy you choose, you better provide adequate rest periods for the body to perform the recovery of the exercises you have done. In addition to recovery, adequate rest also play an important role against the development of your muscles. (Duniafitnes)


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