10 Tips Best Exercises For Stomach Shaping Slim

SeributawaNews - Every woman wants a beautiful and slender abdomen. Having a slim stomach can increase your confidence and make you look more attractive. You must be willing to do special exercises for your stomach look slimmer. However, you do not know what a good workout and easy to do to get a slim stomach.

Check out 10 tips best exercise to slim your tummy form below:

    * Step 1: Schedule for train your abdominal muscles between 4 to 5 times a week.

    * Step 2: Train your stomach crunch exercises.

    * Step 3: Perform at least 2 sets for each of the standard crunch, reverse, and oblique crunch, 15-20 reps each set. Add advanced training if you are able to complete this exercise properly set and you will feel the results within 4 to 6 weeks.

    * Step 4: Perform 10 reps movement jackknives
      Lie on your back with legs straight, lift your hands above your head. Lift upper and lower body simultaneously, move your hands as if reaching for your legs. Concentrate the power of your movements on the abdominal muscles, and hold in the middle movements while holding your abdominal muscles, then lower your body slowly back.

    * Step 5: Perform 10 reps side bends
      Stand straight with a dumbbell in your right hand and left hand align with your hips. Bend your body to the right slowly, lower the dumbbell until you feel the pull in the left abdominal muscles, hold, and then slowly went up back to starting position. Perform the same way to train your abdominal muscles on the right.

    * Step 6: Enter your cardio exercises in your workout
      Try cardio exercise (walking, jogging), about 20 to 30 minutes in the tempo was as much as 4 days a week. Tempo is the recommended 55-75% of your maximum ability. How to measure it is, when you are walking or jogging, you can still chat with a natural rhythm (no wheezing). Meanwhile, to find out how fast your heart rate, measure by using a heart rate monitor.

    * Step 7: Maintain variations in practice
      Running, swimming, cycling and use of fitness equipment at home such as stair stepping machine or treadmill is a good cardio workout variations to prevent saturation.

    * Step 8: Leg Raises
      Sit in an upright position on a bench. Place your hands beside the bench (leading to the ground). Keep your feet in a straight ahead position, then lift your leg vertically slowly, lasting a few seconds before you lower it slowly.

    * Step 9: Pelvis Raises
      The trick, lie down on the mat, lift your hips a few inches as will be rolled back. Then lower slowly, with your hips off the ground.

    * Step 10: Squat
      Squat is a good exercise for you. In addition to train the quadriceps and gluteal muscles, this exercise can also train your abdominal muscles and oblique muscles, namely internal and external muscles of the abdomen. This exercise is also good to train the transverse abdominals.

You need to know when Practicing:

    * To increase your strength, slowly lift the load.
    * Adequate rest and eat a diet low in fat.
    * For best results and safety, combined with abdominal exercises back exercises.
    * Do the jackknifes and crunch on a soft mattress, to avoid pain.
    * After your abdominal muscles stronger, train the ankle until your whole leg muscles to add strength to your body.

Having a slim stomach is not just a dream if you practice regularly and patiently. May 10 tips best exercise to shape slim stomach on top of benefit to you. (Duniafitnes)


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