Report: Israel Planning Build 50 Thousand Houses in East Jerusalem

SeributawaNews - Jerusalem city council plans to build more than 50,000 new homes Yahdi settlements in the occupied eastern sector of the city is more than two decades, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

A study conducted by the Jerusalem mayor Nir Barakat stated that to overcome the shortage of housing in the city, it must be built 60 718 housing units in the city, with the majority - 52 363 houses - planned to be built for East Jerusalem.

The majority of urban land available for development lies in the eastern sector, the study said. Israel annexed East Jerusalem - which is considered as the capital of a future Palestinian state - in the 1967 war, and Israel's control over the area not recognized by the international community.

A spokesman for the city of Jerusalem to the Maariv said the construction of tens of thousands of homes over the next 20 years will allow young couples and families to buy apartments in the city.

Most of the land in Jerusalem was built, including the settlements in the occupied eastern sector of the city, is the ground state (Israeli version), and the property built on it can be purchased by anyone who is a citizen of Israel, or Jews.

Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, very few of those who have Israeli citizenship, they must first obtain special permission to buy land or property there. (eramuslim)


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