Prayer in the Workplace, Glenn Mack Must be Fired from work

SeributawaNews - A Muslim man who used to work at Whole Foods stores Callowhill claimed he was criticized by a supervisor because the worshipers pray at the place of storage and fired from the store to his religious beliefs.

These allegations are very disturbing because Whole Foods promotion featuring halal food Ramadan this year, said Amara Chaudhry, director of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Philadelphia, which represents the employee who was fired.

"We believe that Whole Foods act of discrimination against employees on the basis of religion and seems to contradict a previous attempt in which they tried to reach out to the Muslim community," said Chaudhry.

Glenn Mack Jr., 24, who worked for Whole Foods since 2008 and claims he never got a leave of absence, stating that after he took 18 days off in November 2010 to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca, he lowered the status of a seasonal employee.

When he complained to the department HRDperusahaan, he felt discriminated against because of his religion, said Chaudhry.

However, after he complained, Mack claimed that about three or four times he was followed to the storeroom where she always prayed there with no problem and then he was heckled by a supervisor, Chaudhry said. The only place he felt safe to pray after that is a garbage dump near the store, he added.

Three months later, in February 2011, Mack was fired from the store, and was told the reason his dismissal because of its presence, although he claimed it was a false accusation, said Chaudhry.

Mack filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Commission last March, said Chaudhry.

But in a written statement, Whole Foods has denied allegations made ​​by Mack. (eramuslim)


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