Australian Activists for Action Report Israeli Military Violence Against Gaza Fleet

SeributawaNews - Michael Coleman, an Australian citizen who is a member of the fleet of the peace who tried to enter Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid, said fellow activists have been beaten and harassed by Israeli forces.

27 people have been arrested, among them was Coleman, following the Israeli military interdiction against Freedom Saoirse flagged ship and ship-Tahrir Ireland Canada in international waters in Gaza on Saturday.

According to the Israeli military, the military they took the activists into the port of Ashdod.

But Coleman's father, John Coleman explained that the process brought to the port of Ashdod activists did not take place peacefully.

John Coleman said he had spoken with his son, who told the Israeli military violence.

"My son said that the ship they were bombarded by water cannon and then rose 30 commandos," said John Coleman.

"One of (activist) Canada, David Heat, was beaten by Israeli commandos when they refused to leave the ship to the port of Ashdod.

"After they were forced to move from the ship, they were in handcuffs and leg they diibelenggu and driven to a prison about 10km from Tel Aviv."

John Coleman believes his son can only be deported as soon as this week.

"That process takes 72 hours. We fully expect that Mike will be back in Australia on Thursday or Friday this week. (Eramuslim)


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