Positive Thinking Prevent Breast Cancer

SeributawaNews - Feeling happy and always positive thinking is one important key in life. With the feeling optimistic and happy, the risk of various diseases can be reduced to a minimum.

The importance of positive feelings and happiness is reflected from a recent research published BioMed Central journal BMC Cancer. The research results indicate that women tend to be happy and think positive at lower risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Ronit Peled of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva, Israel, in his research results stating that happiness and optimism can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by 25 percent. While the experience or traumatic events such as divorce or losing a loved one may worsen the risk.

"We were careful to state that experienced one or more of the sad event is a risk factor for breast cancer in young women. On the other hand, feelings of happiness and optimism can provide protection. The young woman who experienced a number of bad experiences in his life considered as a group at risk of breast cancer and therefore should be handled,''said Ronit Peled.

But Peled stressed that research results do not mean that the feeling of happiness and optimism into the main gate to avoid breast cancer. "Consumption of good eating and being physically active is a factor to be reckoned with," he added.

Dr. Peled and his team examined a number of factors associated with psychological stress such as loss of a parent before age 20 years and its relation to the risk of doing research is motivated kanker.Peled high breast cancer risk factors experienced by women of Israel. Much more frequent Israeli woman often called the group with highest risk in the world in terms of breast cancer.

A total of 255 women aged 25-45 years who indicated lung cancer involved 367 women with similar age who did not have cancer. Peled and his team asked a number of things to women such as views about the future and traumatic experiences due to illness, job loss, divorce and death.

The analysis showed a clear relationship between ways of thinking of women with breast cancer risk. Those who think optimistic record 25 percent lower risk of cancer. Sementra women who experience two or three events or traumatic experiences increased the risk by 62 percent.

"It was found that feelings of happiness and optimism provide a protective effect," said the researcher.


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