Tips to Overcome Black Axilla

SeributawaNews - Having a black armpit is not a dream of every woman. It would be very annoying when wearing a tank top or sleeveless black evening dress with a black arm on the arm.

Do not take this black underarm trivial, because it would interfere with self-confidence and your appearance. The cause of this black underarm due to the habit of removing underarm hair by plucking or shaving. Factors smell and uncomfortable because they have fur is one reason why the hairs in the armpit should be eliminated.

But the habit of removing underarm hair by shaving or repeal would cause scars or will cause the inflammation that makes underarm hair could be more black than the original color.

When this is done continuously, then over time the inflamed cells that accumulate on the skin of the armpit and change color to black.

In addition to the above factors, according to dr. Alamsah Agus, SpKK, from Friendship Hospital Jakarta, many factors that make the skin look dark underarms, among others, skin friction with clothes, because clothes are not suitable and made hard like jeans.

Or because the use of underarm deodorant or powder which contain fragrances that can trigger a color change. The remains of powder and left underarm deodorant converted by bacteria in the armpit, thus triggering a color change in the armpit.

"Hormonal factors can also affect skin conditions. For example, in pregnant women who experienced fraud in some parts of the body such as neck and armpits, as well as changes in lifestyle that causes hormones to increase, "said Alamsah.

There are several modern and herbal treatments that can restore your underarm skin conditions as before. Here are some treatments that you can do so safely decrease your underarm skin black.

1.Campuran lemon and cucumber.

Lemon fruits contain acid that can brighten the skin and contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and B3. While the cucumber contains vitamin E that can regenerate the skin from within.

The trick, lemon juice squeezed out and grab, then mixed with grated cucumber and mix well. Apply on armpits and let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Or it could be done by way of thinly sliced ​​lemon, then place it on the surface of the skin of the armpit for 15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water to armpit pores back to normal.

2. Mixture of seaweed and yam.

Seaweed is useful to smooth the surface of the skin and increase skin elasticity, so powerful to overcome rough skin. While yam extract serves to camouflage uneven skin tone and brighten skin.

The trick, dried seaweed, and then smoothed with a mashed up into droplets that are very soft.

Grated yam, then squeezed the water to produce water very much. Let stand for one night, to split water with yam extracts. Yam extract then dried until dry.

Take each of the two tablespoons of seaweed and yam extracts. Combine with water jasmine. and then smeared evenly directly into the underarm skin is dark, leave a 20-minute dive.

3. Using Lufah

In order to avoid dark colors, you need to do the treatment once or twice a week in the armpits. How, by rubbing the armpit area to use lufah, namely a soft brush made of natural materials, such as squash dried fruit shells that could help you slough off dead skin cells.

In addition, you also can use skin care products specially designed to clean and slough off dead skin cells in the armpit area. After washing the armpits, leave this area completely dry and avoid wearing deodorant directly so that the pores of the skin in the armpit area you have a chance to breathe.

Make sure also that you use a new razor and sharp, and never use a blunt knife. Shaving in the shower is the best way to make your armpit hair free.

With shaving at night, you can avoid many of the sweat that comes out like in the daytime. The combination of sweat, although slightly, along with chemicals in deodorants and minor wounds cause discomfort and make the clogged skin pores.

Regular exfoliation can help you avoid the threat of black underarm. By peeling layers of dead skin cells, then your armpits will not be so dark. If you want to remove underarm hair permanently, with no stains or defects then you can try a special treatment using laser hair removal.

One thing to keep in mind according to dr. Alamsah, before starting treatment arm is to look at the condition underarm skin. Is there inflammation or not. If there is inflammation of the skin, should do the treatment first.

Because, if not treated will cause new inflammation. In addition it must be realized if the armpit skin quite sensitive skin, so it must be very clever to choose a safe treatment. (Dechacare)


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