FARC Guerrilla Leader Killed

SeributawaNews - Alfonso Cano, leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a Marxist-Socialist group which grew into a rebel force to be financed from the results of drug trafficking and kidnappings, was killed by an air raid, Colombian officials said.

"The military is achieving one of the most important goal," said Alberto Gonzalez Mosquera, said the governor of Cauca in the southwestern region of the country, told The Associated Press.

Cano, whose real name is Guillermo Saenz, is an intellectual who joined the party after dabbling in radical political movements at the university in the capital Bogotá. In March 2006, Cano has accused the State Department, and 49 other top FARC leaders on charges of drug trafficking. And, the Colombian government offered a reward of $ 5 million dollars for his arrest.

Cano Manuel Marulanda Velez menggntikan leadership, when the old group leader died of natural causes in 2008. Death Cano gave a serious blow to the FARC, which has waged a guerrilla war against the Colombian government for four decades.

FARC has suffered a blow that Heba where many of its top leadership were killed. In September 2010, a character known as Mono Jojoy was killed by a complex attack on a remote mountainous Macarena.

Two years earlier, the previous figure number two, Raul Reyes, was killed by Colombian military in a bomb attack in Ecuador. At one point, the FARC is a force with 17,000 personnel dukunga, and has various types of modern weapons. Guerrilla movement founded in 1964, founded by student leaders who have the ideological left, who want to erase the gap between rich and poor. (eramuslim)


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