Egyptian Elections Held amid fears of Action Violence

SeributawaNews - Residents of Egypt on Monday (28/11) started giving their votes in the country's first parliamentary elections since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, a giant step toward what many expect will be Egypt's democracy after decades of dictatorship.

This election has been marred by chaos in the streets, and many residents are confused about the direction this nation forward. However, this election promises to be the prettiest and cleanest elections in Egypt in living memory Egyptians, and long lines outside polling stations on Monday morning showed the enthusiasm of residents to give their voting rights.

Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and best organized in Egypt, along with his Islamic allies are expected to obtain good results in this election, which has become a source of concern for secular and liberal Egyptian activists are eager to keep religion and politics separate.

Voters stood in long lines outside some polling stations in Cairo before the official polling stations opened at 8 am local time.

Last parliamentary elections held under the Mubarak era, which was forced to resign in February after a 18-day uprising, in November and December last year. The election was full of cheating in which Mubarak's ruling party won all the seats and menyisahkan only a handful of seats.

"I voted for freedom. We are living in slavery. Now we want justice in freedom," said Iris Nawar (50 years) when he was about to vote in the district of Maadi, a suburb of Cairo.

In the neighborhood of upscale Zamalek, about 500 voters waiting outside a polling station located at a school. Shahira Ahmed, 45, was there with her husband and daughter. As Nawar, Ahmad gives voting rights for the first time.

"I never vote because I was never sure about that. This time, I hope something positive," he said.

This election took place with demonstrators on the streets again. This time, they demanded that the military ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and the board of generals, retreated immediately. Nine days of clashes have killed more than 40 people have raised fears of violence at polling stations. (Eramuslim)


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