Beware of High Blood Pressure!

SeributawaNews - High blood pressure or hypertension has become a common disease for many people today, especially for those living in urban areas. High blood pressure becomes a risk factor for stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. And the worst excesses of this disease is death.

High blood pressure is too much pressure on the artery wall. This occurs when the blood pressure more than 140/90 mm / Hg, and remained at this level for a long time. High blood pressure usually occurs among adults aged 15 years or over. Blood pressure is usually written in two numbers, systole and diastole. For example, 120 (systolic) and 70 (diastolic) is written 120/70. The highest blood pressure that can be considered normal for a healthy adult is 120/80 mm / Hg.

Know Your High Blood Pressure Cause
In general, there are two types of high blood pressure based on the contributing factors, namely:

    * Primary High Blood Pressure
      Primary high blood pressure is a condition where the occurrence of high blood pressure as a result of the impact of lifestyle and environmental factors. Someone whose diets are not controlled and resulted in overweight or even obese, at risk of high blood pressure disease. Similarly, someone who is in the environment or conditions of high stress, very likely exposed to high blood pressure disease, including people who are lack of exercise.

    * Secondary High Blood Pressure
      Secondary high blood pressure is a condition where the increase in high blood pressure as a result of a person experiencing / suffering from other diseases such as heart failure, kidney failure, or damage to the body's hormone system. While in pregnant women, blood pressure generally increases as the pregnancy was 20 weeks. Especially in women whose weight is above normal or obese.

Therefore, you should understand that running a healthy lifestyle is important. Stress-free life, maintaining a healthy diet and diligent exercise is a must you do to avoid the attack of various diseases, including high blood pressure disease.

How to Lower High Blood Pressure
There are several ways you can do to lower high blood pressure, among others:

    * Avoid foods that contain sodium or high sodium in a way, choose low sodium content when buying food, limit your consumption of meat and cheese, avoid salty snacks, reduce sauce that usually contains sodium.
    * Many consume foods rich in potassium or potassium. Potassium can be found in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables that contain potassium and good for the consumption of people with high blood pressure, among others, watermelon, avocado, melon, fruit of bitter melon, squash, bligo, machetes pumpkin / squash, cucumber, aloe vera, celery, onion and garlic. In addition, foods containing Omega-3 elements such as salmon, tuna, spinach, also known to be effective in helping lower blood pressure.

Lower high blood pressure to start a healthy lifestyle. Do not expose yourself from excessive stress and inadequate exercise needs of your every day so that your body is always healthy now and later. (Duniafitnes)


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