Alternative to Overcome Constipation

SeributawaNews - Constipation or often termed as constipation or difficult bowel movements are related digestive disorders are very annoying and makes you feel uncomfortable. Here is an alternative way to overcome constipation natural choice, among others:

One easy way is found to overcome constipation with fiber consumption. The recommended fiber intake is about 20-35 grams / day. To obtain sufficient amounts of fiber, try the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and wheat.

But you must be vigilant when consuming fiber, because of excessive utilization will actually worsen the constipation. This can be overcome by drinking more water to help the fibers get into the digestive system more smoothly.

Herbal therapy is the treatment of constipation is the oldest, and has been applied in various cultures around the world. Generally, this herbal laxative mixed from materials such as flax seeds, fenugreek, and barley. In addition, Senna, Cascara segrada, and aloe vera plants can also be a stimulant therapy of constipation.

But you must be vigilant in these herbal therapies, for example on the aloe vera plant because it can cause cramps. In addition, herbal therapy for the constipation side effects when interacting with other medications and supplements. Try to consult with physicians and health care professional before using herbal therapy.

Probiotics are good bacteria in the gut are beneficial for healthy digestive system. Examples of probiotics are Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Sacchromyces boulardi. Probiotics effective enough to overcome constipation. Usually probiotics are available in supplement form and is contained in some foods, one yogurt.

Try three alternative ways to treat constipation is digestive health so that you are awake stay healthy. Moreover easily found, langkh-step is also very beneficial for your digestive health course. (Duniafitnes)


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