Misyal: Threat Israel Prove that We Being in the Right Way

SeributawaNews - Head of the Hamas political bureau, Khalid Misyal, Friday (25/11) said that the threat issued by the Zionist government after the announcement of an agreement between Hamas and Fatah are proving that reconciliation is the right path for the Palestinians.

Misyal added, according to Safa news agency, that the threats made by the Netanyahu government and hold a meeting for security cabinet "will not be able to frighten us, but prove to us and convince us that we are on the right path, the path of reconciliation. The Palestinian people not afraid of anything against their interests. And why should we be afraid? enemy Israel of repression every day to all the Palestinian people. "

Misyal said that there will be another meeting on December 22 next to the committee concerned the restructuring of the Palestine Liberation Organization and membahs upcoming election, adding that it was too early to say whether Hamas would provide candidates for the presidential election.

He also said that after meeting with Abbas, he ordered the Hamas leader in exile in Palestinba and to follow the discourse that does not damage the atmosphere of reconciliation. (Eramuslim)


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