7 Tips to Staying Motivated Exercise

SeributawaNews - Have you ever tried to start a fitness or sports training program, but then quit? If yes, you're not alone. Many people start a fitness program, but stopped because they were bored and the expected results did not come.

Actually, you do not need to decide to stop doing a fitness program if it knows how to work around. Here are seven tips to help you stay motivated to do fitness and sports activities.

1. Set a goal

Start with a simple goal, it advanced to the stage after a long janga. You should always remember to be objective to be achieved, and make it become a reality. Someone will get very easily frustrated and give up if it has a goal is too ambitious.

2. Make everything fun

Find a sport or activity that you like. Exercise program will run smoothly if you do it without a load. If you do not enjoy a specific exercise program, do not immediately decide to quit. However, try it with something different. Remember, exercise does not have to be boring, you can start it in accordance with your hobby.

3. Physical activity as a daily routine

Many people reasoned, it is difficult to find time to exercise. Time is no reason for you not to do sports. Perform a simple manner, for example, use the stairs (not elevators) in the workplace and pedaling a stationary bicycle or treadmill while you watch TV at night.

4. Write the plan workout program

Make exercise a regular exercise plan on paper can help you stay motivated. Take note of what has been done, how long you exercise, and how you feel afterwards can help you to assess what you need to correct the deficiencies.

5. Join the friends

You should not alone. Invite a friend or colleague to join you when deciding to exercise. Doing activities together will make you more excited and motivated.

6. Reward yourself

Each exercise session, take a few minutes for you to feel how useful exercise. This type of internal reward can help you to make long-term commitment in doing regular exercise.

7. Be flexible

If you are too busy working out and feeling unable to do the exercise program as scheduled, take one or two days to rest. Do not force something that is not possible you can do. The important thing is how you can go back to an exercise program after feeling everything is good again. (Dechacare)


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