4 Variation of Engineering Massaging Mr. P

SeributawaNews - After a full day to feel the pressure in the office, lovemaking maybe the last thing on the minds of the couple. If you expect an exciting foreplay session before sex, then the pair should be pampered.

A refreshing massage into the driving mood and often effective way to make it turn on. Use essential oils in all parts of his body for a night full of passion. Although the two of you can do in the spa relaxation treatments, but the sensual touch of pairs can give wonders for your fatigue.

Try to create a soothing environment for pemijatatan session, do not be shy to explore the pleasure zones and pressure points that are still hidden, and do not forget to give a gentle massage. Do what prompted the couple; in this part of the body where he wanted a massage. The massage will surely soothe the senses sex and she will ask more massage.

In addition to the body, the massage should also be done in the area of ​​Mr. p pairs. For you beginners, some penis massage techniques that you can jajal, of which as discussed Sex Info 101.

Anvil stroke

Start with one hand gently grasping the head of Mr P. Then move from top to bottom. When you press the bottom of Mr. P, release. In the meantime, use your other hand on the head of the penis and repeat the same movement.


Rotate the head of his penis like you're trying to open the door knob. Now try rotating in the opposite direction. Repeat. This action is sometimes varied by using your other hand to stretch the scalp to the bottom of Mr P.

Double whammy

Place your hand that has been spread with additional lubricant-if necessary-in the shaft of Mr P. If the couple rather large penis, you can use two hands. But if not, then use your other hand to caress his testicles or around the base of his penis.

Furthermore, the attacks emanated upward movement of pump-down. You can also vary the direction of the hand; one up, one down at the same time.


Start with one hand lightly grasping the bottom of Mr P. Then move your penis from the bottom up. When you press the top, release. In the meantime, use another hand to act at the bottom of Mr. P, and repeat. (Dechacare)


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