3 Interesting Facts Female Orgasm

SeributawaNews - Having sex ends with an orgasm would give the sensation of pleasure beyond measure. Learn about light and interesting facts about orgasms.

Mary Roach, author of Stiff, Spook, and Bonk reveal facts about orgasm in women. Here are some of them, as quoted Yourtango.

Orgasm for bad breath odor

The doctors detect the odor on her tongue a few hours after they intercourse. There's a good idea to chew gum to reduce bad breath odor that.

Orgasm cure hiccups

If you're a hiccup, just sex. Hiccups that would not go away can be quickly cured once you reach the climax of sex.

Women can orgasm without receiving a touch in the genital area

Mary vowed never met a woman who can orgasm just by thinking about it. It witnessed the interview in the manufacture of books.

When many women tried many ways to orgasm, the woman is sexually aroused by the rapid withdrawal of the body system that runs automatically, like breathing or heart beat. (dechacare)


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