Orgasm Not Just Burn Calories

SeributawaNews - One of the signs of sexual dysfunction in women is the difficulty

reached the point of orgasm. And orgasm is very good for the body and health.

According to JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), 43 percent of American women suffer from sexual dysfunction. And they tend to blame themselves for not being able to orgasm.

If you have a similar problem, stop blaming yourself. Find the solution, and recognize the benefits of orgasm to help you get the point of satisfaction in intimate relationships with a partner.

The solution

* Occasionally use your solitude to try stimulation with masturbation. This way you can figure out at what point or what excites you.

* Communication with your partner when you're making out. Feel free to express what you want or need in intimate relationships.

* Generally women aroused clitoris began when stimulated by a partner. If you are already starting to feel the point of orgasm, whenever it comes, even when still in the stage of stimulation, just tell your partner. (dechacare)


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