Moro Muslims Unfinished Struggle

SeributawaNews - Moro Muslim fighters in the Philippines is ready to "fight" after the government warned that they would take steps to protect the firm to the Moro rebels criminals, said a spokesman for the MILF Monday.

Fighters of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) prepared for the possibility of attacks, their spokesman Von Al-Haq said, adding his group remains committed to peace talks with the Philippine government.

"We have instructed our people in the field to be in a defensive position. But it will end if there is an attack," he told reporters.

"If we are pushed to the wall, we must fight. It was very clear .."

Her warning came after the Philippine military said the MILF can be targeted if they continued to hold the perpetrators of crime.

Over recent weeks, military and police pursuing the perpetrators of "offender" laws in the southern Philippines which later turned into a fierce battle with MILF forces that killed as many as 40 soldiers, policemen and civilians.


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