Why You Need Much Rest To Increase Weight?

SeributawaNews - We often hear that anything excessive is bad, and this applies also in respect of the exercise. People tend to think that doing a hard workout will help to gain weight faster. But this is more myth than fact, because of excessive exercise can cause various problems such as: 

Low Productivity 
Less weight or gaining weight is not optimal 
After doing strenuous exercise, rest is needed because the rest to help build new muscle tissue that has been damaged by heavy exercise and take some time to make the tissues of the body can fully recover, so it is actually happening is that muscle will grow when you rest. That's why you have to wait until the pain or the pain you feel after exercise is completely lost as a sign that you have completely recovered. 

Exercise before the muscle is fully repaired can have negative effects for your body. If you start training before you repair and optimal muscle recovery, then your muscles will break down again because your muscle breakdown will happen again, so that the repair of muscle tissue that occurs during your rest will be in vain. This is one reason most people are making great efforts to exercise more often and not getting enough rest will get the weight gain lower than they expected. This is the mistake a lot of people who want to gain weight, which is doing strenuous exercise without considering their break. 

By resting your muscles to recover fully, will ensure that you will get optimal results from your workout, that is by increasing muscle mass optimally. One exercise is done the right way, supported by nutrition and adequate rest, will be equal to 10 exercises performed without a good rest. 

Another important reason for getting the rest of the metabolism. If you train too often or too long, then it will increase your metabolism, causing burning calories faster and in greater amounts. By reducing the duration and intensity of your workout, indirectly, your body will burn fewer calories and since you will burn fewer calories, then your weight will increase more in a faster time. 

So you should not try to train the same muscle group more than twice a week, but give it a rest for your muscle groups are one or two days before returning to train again. Not recommended also to perform the same types of exercises more often because it can cause injuries due to repetitive stress. 

Doing exercises that are often without a break will give more damage than the positive results you get, so better to rest within a reasonable time and then come back refreshed and excited than damaging your own body.


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