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SeributawaNews - Like women, men can actually feel the orgasms or multiple orgasms termed. Achieving multiple orgasms in men actually not impossible, provided that knowing basic understanding of male sexuality, certain techniques, and training regularly. 
Many men assume multiple orgasms is the ability to achieve an erection as soon as possible after ejaculation, and then erect again and reached a climax. 

Most of the focus of male sexuality is usually fixed on the ejaculation per se, rather than the actual process of lovemaking. Yet when a man can do multiple orgasms, she will not only satisfy himself, but also can effectively satisfy his partner. 

Technically, multiple orgasms occur in a circuit without the stimulation that the disconnect between the two partners. Women have been blessed with the ability to perform multiple orgasms. However, not many know that men can actually do the same thing as long as properly trained. 

In the case of women, multiple orgasms means that sexual stimulation can continue again as soon as possible after the climax. Usually it takes only a few moments so that both can be achieved climax. In essence, if a woman actually experienced a few times a climax during intercourse, it can be said to have multiple orgasms. 

Meanwhile, most men berangapan, multiple orgasms is the ability to achieve an erection as soon as possible after ejaculation, and then erect again and reached a climax.

This is clearly a wrong assumption because multiple orgasms actually occur without loss of erection between orgasms process. Thus, multiple orgasm in men only involves an orgasm, and do not ejaculate. The only exception here is the last ejaculation follows orgasm in a multi-orgasm scene. 

Rehearse your PC muscle 

If men want to experience a "great thrill" repeatedly, then the key is the perfect erections and ability to hold ejaculation. To achieve this capability, there are some techniques recommended, for example by training the muscles of the pelvic floor or pubococcygeus (PC) which is known as primary sexual muscles supporting the sexual function of women and men. Stamina factor also plays an important role so as not susceptible to fatigue. 

A sex therapist named Barbara Kesling, PhD, in the book The Complete Book of Mens Health argues, to achieve multiple orgasms, a man can diving program that consists of two parts, namely physical and mental. 

For the physical program, men must diligently train the PC muscle (which is used when you want to stop the flow of urine) by means of contracting and to relax for a couple of times a day. 

PC muscle exercises are also commonly known as Kegel exercises. Gymnastics is very simple, as well as when to stop urinating. Anda.bisa do in the office, stand in line at the bank, watching TV, or when you call. In fact, you can start now. 

Awalilah try to do some exercises with short contraction times (Flick). After that, contract and relax the PC muscle you as much as 10 times in a row in a short time. Then, try to contract the PC muscle and hold for 15 seconds. 

Do it regularly and gradually increase the exercise until you can do 10 times and 10 times the Flick holding the PC muscle exercises every day. The result will appear in 3-4 weeks later. With notes, exercises regularly and it lived not done much since your genital area will experience an injury. 

Mental Practice 

For a mental exercise, the program focused on mind and brain. Here you must learn to focus and identify any stage during sexual stimulation. That way, you'll know when the ability to set the PC muscle can be used to prevent ejaculation. 

Understanding the stages of stimulus that passes before the orgasm can be done when you touch or masturbation. A physician, Dr. Kesling, making this stage in level 1 to 10, ie, levels 1 to stage without the stimulus of up to 10 for the orgasm phase. 

When you are trained to set the PC muscle and a good understanding of stages of sexual arousal, the next stage is to train yourself to stop for a moment (pause) in each level is different stimuli. It is important here to have a cooperative partner and sensitive. 

When connected, start the process of penetration by slowly until you reach level 4. Then hold and take a deep breath while contracting your PC muscle. That way, your arousal level will decrease by at least one or two levels. After that, try to return to action and seeks to increase your arousal level, then hold again and do it repeatedly using the PC muscle. 

At the time of stimulation approached the highest level (level 10), muster all the ability to withstand the discharge of semen (ejaculation) to contract the PC muscle. In this process, do not ever close your eyes and inhale deeply. Here you will feel the pleasure of an orgasm without ejaculation. 

Afterwards, relax for a few minutes so you have time to rest. Without realizing it, you've done the first orgasm, and ready for the next orgasm! 


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