Important Tips For Your Pool Exercise More Effective

SeributawaNews - One of the most popular water sport to date is swimming. Swimming is one sport that provides many benefits for your health, including strength training and your power. 

Things You Need to Consider 
Here are some things you need to consider before making a sports pool: 


In principle any warm-up exercise should not be overlooked. The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk of injury to your body. 


Try using a bathing suit from the material elastic and warm enough to be able to withstand protect the body from the cold water. Because the body temperature will tend to decline rapidly when we are in the water. 

Gradual movement 

Do "practice" before you actually swim. This also reduces the risk of muscle cramps in the water. Some people experience muscle cramps when entering the pool because of the jerking or sudden movement on the part of certain muscles. 


Limit the time you swim between 4 × 50 meters for each intensity of movement between 15-20 seconds then rest before starting another movement, to then proceed with a higher intensity swim suit portion of practice. 

Swim Speed ​​Settings 

In swimming speed should be varied. Set the speed correctly will give you a shorter workout with more optimal results. You can do exercises that are very short and fast with plenty of rest to improve your strength and power, for example swimming 4-10 times each 10 -20 seconds to swim with 40-60 seconds rest in between. 

Here are examples of exercises that will increase the stress and velocity in a single training session. 

10-15 minute warm-form swimming at medium speed, continue to swim 4 x 50 meters with 10-20 seconds of the first istirahat.Lakukan pool exercises to relax, then gradually repeat with more effort than before. 

1-5 minutes at medium speed swim, followed by swimming 4-10 x 25 meters with 40-60 seconds rest in antaranya.Lakukan this with maximum effort. Begin with 4 times the swim, then add in increments each week as much as 1 or 2 times until you can reach the number 10 times, then return to the number 4 times and trying to do more quickly. 

1-5 minutes at medium speed swim, followed by 1 x 400-meter swim at high speed, rest about 20 seconds after that, then 1-5 minutes at medium speed. After that, do not forget to close your practice with a cooling swim at low speed, continue down until you finish. 

By doing the proper steps in the swim, then you will get optimum benefit from this exercise and to avoid unwanted injuries.


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