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SeributawaNews - Research that discusses the relationship of stress and the immune system known as the body's immune system is getting a lot done. Since the development of science of psychoneuroimmunology is a science that links the relationship between the science of psychology, neuroscience and immunology, the conditions associated with this has been more widely studied. 

Psychoneuroimmunology emphasizes proofs related to the body's immune system and its relationship to stress that occurs in person. Mentioned, a lot of the impact of stress on the human body's immune system that cause a person more susceptible to diseases associated with the body's immune system. 

Some time ago, when the day of the second world congress of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine in Seoul, South Korea, speaker Prof. Christopher Coe of the University of Wisconsin, the United States back on psychoneuroimmunology explained in his lecture entitled "All Roads Lead To psychoneuroimmunology" 

In his lecture Prof Coe said that it was getting a lot of research and facts that illustrate the involvement of stress in affecting the human immune system. Some diseases are connecting it and emphasized during the lecture is on asthma and fibromyalgia. 

Asthma we know as a disturbance of respiratory diseases involving inflammatory cells and immune system in the body. Disease that can not be cured this (can only be controlled) is strongly associated with the role of the immune system and stress can trigger an attack. 

Fibromyalgia itself is a condition disease disorder that emphasize the complaint on pain in various parts of the body and the atmosphere is uncomfortable feeling associated with this condition. Pain disorders are more numerous in these latter women have increasingly examined the effects associated with stress and the immune system. 

Conditions related to immune system disorders in patients with fibromyalgia are associated with decreased levels of cells called Natural Killer (NK), and Interleukin Sitokon. These conditions are also found in patients with depression. 

No wonder the symptoms of depression and anxiety also is one sign of the condition of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia itself is known once more to a collection of symptoms (syndrome) involving a variety of complaints. Syndrome are also conditions that often overlap with other conditions such as in between somatoform disorders (psychosomatic), pain disorders, depression and fatigue disorder Prolonged (chronic fatigue syndrome). 

At the end of his lecture, Prof. Coe said there was still much open land research in this field and will certainly still more and more knowledge to be gained by studying stress and its relationship to the human body's immune system. 


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