Black Hat SEO Techniques

SeributawaNews - After discussing White Hat SEO techniques, this time we will learn to Black Hat SEO Techniques. This technique is done in a way to trick the search engines list Web page or blog to get a high position in the SERP.

In SEO, the technique is usually done in a way - a certain way, the following traits or characteristics of the technical proficiency level:

- Not following the rules and regulations of the search engine / search engine

- Just put lots of keywords

- Menempakan keyword that much, do spam indexing

- Placing a link internal and external links

- Placing a list of keywords that are popular in small print or with the same color as the background so that the page can not be seen by the user.

And there are many other ways.

Search engines may penalize sites that use black hat seo techniques, either by reducing their rankings or eliminating the list from their databases altogether. Black Hat SEO is very menggiurkan.Karena from there we will get ranked higher on search sites. It's just not worth it and very risky. Use seo optimization techniques that are efficient in obtaining a web site or blog rank higher.


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