How Do Search Engines Work?

SeributawaNews - To improve the position of the blog page at Search Engine, first we must know how search engines work. In this article we will learn about the workings of search engines or search engine, indexing and retrieval by search engines. 

Search engine designed to search for information in the world is on your blog or website. Can search a list of web pages, images, information and other file types. There are basically three types of search engines. 

- Search engines are powered by robots (crawlers, spiders or ants) 

- The search engine is powered by human submissions and 

- Combined the two. 

Robot search engines use automated software called spiders, bots, crawlers to search the web / blog and analyze each page, then the data collected from each page is added to the search engine index. 

All search engines do three things: 

- They're searching the web to gather documents web pages and web addresses they use software spiders or crawlers. 

- Indexing, extracts information from documents, it is based on the keyword or keywords and stores them in a database. 

- They allow users to search for words or combinations of words found in the index. 

To do this well every day search engines have to crawl or crawling into the hundreds of millions of pages, then index the new web page and update the old database, it is done continuously. This post continues to How Spiders do or Crawling Crawling To Blog or Web. 


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