Benefits of Yoga for Sex

SeributawaNews - The benefits of yoga in addition to making you relaxed and calm, can also help you during sexual activity. According to Ellen Barrett, author of Sexy Yoga, yoga, body shaping a strong and flexible so that makes you easy to do a lot more variations of movement or position of lovemaking. Still not believing? Here are four other reasons why your 'obliged' to yoga. 

Smooth Blood Flow 

Similarly, if you do sports in general, yoga can also blood flow. In certain yoga positions, such as eagle position, movement directly train your pelvic floor muscles and blood flow in the pelvis. "The more often you train these muscles, your space will be global," says Becky Jeffers, Director of the Berman Center for female sexual health and menopause Management in Chicago. According to Becky, pelvic muscles will help you make a stronger contraction and relaxation which ultimately leads you to experience a longer orgasm. 

Growing Confidence 

When you do yoga movements, you train your mind and focus your concentration. This makes you more focused on what you do. "When you accept yourself, you'll know what it takes to be able to enjoy sexual activity with a partner," said Becky again. You can communicate these feelings to your partner when you two are doing the activity. 

Reduce Pain 

For some women who are active, especially those who like jogging, hip and thigh muscles tense can sometimes inhibit sexual activity. Yoga helps to relax muscles. "The pelvic floor muscles are tense can affect how your pelvis is contracted during sexual activity," said Becky. One part of muscle tension can affect the movement of other muscles so that orgasm was not maximal and the game of love you can not be enjoyed to the fullest. 

So, relax, and let it all flow, and the orgasm will come 

Gives Sensation "More Life" 

Triangle motion in sitting cross-legged in a yoga position stimulate your chakras. According to Eastern philosophy, sex life is governed by several chakras. Chakras are energy centers that surrounds your body. "When your chakras healthy and working well, your sex life will also be healthy and satisfying," said Becky. The three most powerful chakra on your sexual activity is the root chakra (at the perineum, the area between the vagina and anus bone), the sacral chakra (the middle lower abdomen), and the heart chakra (the center of the chest). Yoga movements keep the blood flowing smoothly into sensitive areas and open the prana (life spirit) you. It will make you more open and more to explore in sexual activity and you become a happier person.


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