Demonstrators invaded the Embassy of Israel in Egypt

SeributawaNews - Protesters stormed into the Israeli embassy building in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Police used tear gas to block the demonstrators. The sound of gunfire also heard among the chaos. As a result, Israel's ambassador to Cairo was evacuated to the airport to be flown out of Egypt. 

As reported by the BBC, President of the United States, Barack Obama, urged the Egyptian government to protect the embassy after Israel asked Washington's help. Demonstrators to attack the Israeli embassy is considered as a form of strained relations between Egypt and Israel. 

Friday, September 10, 2011, at midnight local time, hundreds of demonstrators mengancurkan wall that surrounds the Office of the Israeli embassy in Cairo. About 30 people among the demonstrators then stormed in and mess up the document inside the embassy. Sheets of the documents they throw it out the window of the embassy. 

An Israeli official in Jerusalem told Reuters, the documents seemed only a pamphlet-pamlet and the usual forms provided at the embassy waiting room. But the Egyptian media said some of the documents marked 'secret' or confidential. 

An Israeli official told the BBC, the vandals who had stormed it really mess up the consular office, not the main office of the embassy. Initially, the Egyptian police stood by. However, eventually they moved to block the demonstrators and fired tear gas. 

Several vehicles were burned outside the embassy of the masses. Live TV shows a number of protesters threw petrol bombs into the police car being driven into a crowd of demonstrators in an effort to scatter the crowd. 

Shots heard among the noise, but it is not clear who shot menembakannya and to whom it is directed. Correspondents say, a police station located near the embassy was also attacked by the demonstrators. 

Egyptian media said some 200 people were injured in the riots. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in an official statement stating that it had spoken with U.S. Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, and the Embassy asked the U.S. to protect Israel from attack demonstrators. 

Shortly thereafter, the White House issued a statement that President Obama appealed to Egypt to respect its international obligations and protect the Israeli embassy. Obama also has spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and said that the U.S. would take steps to help address the chaotic situation, in order not to cause further violence. 

Ambassador of Israel, Yitzhak Levanon, and their families, and Israeli Embassy officials in Egypt, had been evacuated out of Egypt with a military plane. Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Egypt, Essam Sharaf, reportedly has called the crisis team in his cabinet. Egyptian Interior Minister also said to have ordered troops to guard the Egyptian police. (


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