Iranian Navy sent submarines, war patrol the Red Sea

SeributawaNews - Iran has sent a submarine and warships to the Red Sea for patrol missions, the navy commander said Marshal Habibollah Sayyari in a state media report Tuesday. 

"Fleet is comprised of a submarine and a warship will patrol the high seas and show off the ability of the Islamic Republic of Iran," Sayyari was quoted as saying by state television website. 

Immediately after the declaration Sayyari, the Israeli military said it had placed two missile boats to the Red Sea. 

"The navy has deployed two missile boats to the Red Sea as part of a routine exercise," said an army spokesman told AFP, refusing to link these steps with the placement of Iran. 

In July, Iran announced desire to increase its military presence in international waters, a plan the placement of warships in the Atlantic. 

Sayyari said that the fleet, the 15th such mission would be sent to the Red Sea, will also focus on "combating piracy". 

In recent years, Iranian media have reported that both the Iranian vessels and ships of other countries have accepted Iran's naval escort through the waters off Somalia are filled with pirates. 

In June, the submarine class "Kilo" escorting warships to the Red Sea "to gather data," on their first mission in waters far away. 

Maritime power of Iran consists of mainly small units are armed with missiles and operate under the control of the elite Revolutionary Guards in the Gulf. 

A small fleet of ocean purposes, under the command of the navy and is composed of half a dozen frigates and destroyers measuring 1,500 to 2,000 tons, along with submarines purchased 3,000 tons from Russia in the 1990s. 

In February, Iran sent two warships to the Mediterranean, through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, Israel sparked outrage and forced the Jewish state ordered its navy to be vigilant.


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