Avoid 10 Common Mistakes When Doing Stretching

SeributawaNews - Stretching exercises or stretching is very important for you to do, both to prevent injury during practice, improve flexibility or suppleness of your body and relax your muscles are stressed. However, if you've done stretching properly? Consider the 10 most common mistakes made when stretching below! 

1. Not warming up before. 

Because stretching a cold muscle increases the risk of injury, you should always warm up before stretching enough (ie activities that will increase your body temperature up enough "warm", which means it's safe to start exercising). 

2. Not stretch the targeted muscles. 

Many people who do not stretch the muscles that they are targeting when doing stretching because they do not do the exercises correctly, either because they do not know how to do it right or stretching movements and positions they are not true when doing stretching. You can see how to do stretching right in http://duniafitnes.com/workout-list/stretching.html 

3. No attention to the amount of pressure exerted on the joints. 

Unfortunately, some people stretch their ligaments are more than stretch their muscles while stretching. As a result, they develop excessive leeway ligaments. Thus, when you do strething, you should always avoid holding your joints in a position that puts weight and too much pressure on the ligaments. 

4. No attention to the weight given to the joint capsule. 

While stretching, if you give more weight load on the joints of your ability, you will increase the risk of injury or joint damage. Thus, you should avoid activities that could injure joints. 

5. Not doing stretching is balanced. 

To avoid stretching the muscle imbalance, it is important dieprhatikan that you should not be stretched in one direction without balancing it with the opposite direction. 

6. Not doing stretching in every workout slowly and gently. 

You should avoid using a fast and sudden movements when stretching. This will force you to stretch the muscles in a variety of movements that are not safe. 

7. Not stretch to the maximum extent. 

When you do the stretching, you should move your body or parts of your body with a controlled speed until you reach the maximum range of motion. You reach this point when you feel mild tension, but not painful, in the muscles. At each subsequent repetition, you should try to stretch a little further, while still avoiding the pain and overstretching. 

8. Not doing stretching in the right portion. 

How much stretching each person needs is highly subjective. Perform stretching according to your body's ability. Generally advised to perform stretching to hold each movement for 10 to 30 seconds. 

9. Not doing stretching with quite often. 

Experts recommend stertching done at least 4-5 times per week, and should be done every day. To maintain the flexibility of our muscles, the stretching should be done in frequency quite often. 

10. Not understanding the difference in exercise to improve muscle tone and body shaping. 
Flexibility is one important component of physical fitness and body building. Thus, you should still combine aerobic exercise, weight training, and setting a good diet along with your stretching exercises to "achieve and maintain" your physical fitness. 

Well, to gain maximum benefit from stretching you do, then start keeping what you've done stretching properly. Congratulations to practice.


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