Why are you hard Adds Weight?

SeributawaNews - If you include people who are hard to gain weight, then the question above would be one of the biggest questions in your mind. Well, consider the answer in the following article.


Genetic factors closely related to why someone is difficult to gain weight. Everyone has the appetite different. Anyone have less appetite but rapidly gained weight. But there are also others who have the appetite is very big but very difficult to gain weight. This is influenced by the metabolism of each person is different. Researchers at the University of Maryland recently examined the role of growth hormone (Human Growth Hormone) in adding or losing weight. This study was designed to look more closely at why weight gain in each person is different, although they have the same level of activity and consume the same amount of calories. The theory is that increased levels of growth hormone can cause a person to burn more energy, thus preventing weight gain. On the other hand, although exercise can increase the production of growth hormone in the body, weight gain can reduce levels of growth hormone.

Nutritional imbalance

In fact, many people are struggling to gain weight was not eating enough protein needed to gain weight. Vitamins and other nutritional deficiencies can also make your body become thin.
To gain weight, then you need to consume healthy food, just like people who try to lose weight. The difference is the nutritional content of foods you eat where you need to consume more calories than you use.

Medical Disorders

Certain medical conditions can contribute to the difficulty you to gain weight. Graves' disease, or hyperthyroidism, often cause people to experience weight loss despite increased appetite. If hyperthyroidism is not treated for long periods, muscle tissue began to shrink. Chronic lung disease can also cause weight loss is not desirable. If you have certain medical conditions that cause the difficulty you gain weight, then the setting of proper nutrition is very important.

Adding Weight

One way to gain weight is by increasing your intake of calories by eating more. How many calories you need each day to gain weight is based on many factors, ranging from gender, age, weight, height, physical activity, and so on.

However, not a few people already eat more but it is difficult to gain weight. This is usually caused by rapid metabolism. However, sooner or later your body's metabolic rate, the key is do not let yourself starve, or might you have muscle contraction. Eat at least 6 times a day, which means eating approximately every three hours. Add protein and good carbohydrates, and form more muscle through weight training, so it can help you add more weight.


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