Basic Concepts of Ideal Body Weight Increase

SeributawaNews - Just now I was browsing the internet, look around the forum and instead I have found that the question how to gain weight as well as many people who want to lose weight.

For many people, skinny identical to eat less, so that all outstanding advice and understanding is yes if you want to eat that much fat, eating more often, drink milk and so on. Even the dietary rules such as not eating before bed will also be violated in order to gain weight.

On this occasion, I will review the basic concepts of how to add weight. Once you understand the concept, then you can certainly add to your weight as you want.

You need to know that the human body outline, which can increase or decrease the weight there are only two things, namely muscle and fat. You can add or subtract MUSCLE and you can also add or reduce fat.

In thin people, his body can not store fat. I once wrote an article titled Fat Level Point ( is clear on this.
Being unable to store fat, so if thin people trying to gain weight by increasing fat by eating a lot, eating junk food, pizza, burgers, candy, ice cream, etc, what happens is the body will not be able to save it. The result is an automatic stay of fats is discarded by the body. So thin people can not ride his weight despite eating a lot.

The solution to weight gain is to raise MUSCLE because once again, the skinny body can not store fat.
How to increase muscle, a simple principle that is corrupted your muscles and then let your muscles repair themselves. Your job is to give him nutritious food is needed the muscle. You can use additional supplements like Muscle Juice to help you during your nutritional intake to increase your weight.
The only way to damage your muscle is by weight training. Perform weight training for every muscle in your body weight but maximum focus on the large muscles of the chest, back and your thighs.


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