Norwegian police managed to Tame Christian Terrorist Bomb's "Breivik"

SeributawaNews - Norway Police found and defused a bomb planted by terrorists Christian Anders Breivik Behring as part of last month's terror scheme.

Police said on Wednesday (17 / 8) that Breivik has left another bomb in the farm that he rents a distance of about 140 kilometers north of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, DPA reported.

Breivik, who had fascist and anti-Islamic beliefs, killing 77 people in car bombings and shootings on July 22 lalju. He boasted that the killings were necessary and is part of what he described as a crusade against the Islamization of Europe.

Christian extremists and terrorists 32-year-old has been hired farm a few months before the July 22 attacks, it seems that agricultural land for planting vegetables, but most likely the reason is for buying and storing chemical fertilizer without arousing suspicion.

The investigation showed that the chemicals that are important to bomb British bought from a dealer as much as several kilograms, and a British company also sells Breivik equipment that he used to make poison for the bullet.

According to police, Breivik said during interrogation that he had other targets in the brain memilliki ahead of the attack on July 22. He also plans to attack the palace and the headquarters of the Labour Party.

Breivik Christian terrorists currently being held in isolation in high-security prison in Norway. He said he would only cooperate with the investigators on the condition that the King of Norway's King Harald V fell from power.


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