5 Ways to easily and safely put on weight

SeributawaNews - Most women around us may be obsessed to lose weight, so it will seem strange when you ask how to gain weight. But if you ask how to lose weight then they immediately give you a list of diet, and anything else related to it.

Well, for you who have problems with a too thin body condition, which it can affect your confidence, then you need to remember is that every problem has a solution.

Here are 5 tips that can be done to solve the problem of how to add weight women.

1. Add Muscle Mass

Build muscle as much as several kilograms is the surest and healthy way for women to gain weight and make your body becomes more dense and contain. Because muscle is heavier than fat so it makes sense to gain weight through muscle than fat. You can shape your body by adding muscle mass. Generally, women want to form the waist to make it look more attractive.

Do not be afraid to add muscle with weight training because the female body does not contain enough testosterone that promote muscle formation by as much as men. Make a schedule of regular exercise in the gym or at home or anywhere else you like. The schedule will help you gain weight quickly and safely in a healthy

2. Reduce Your Cardio Exercise

Some experts merekomendasikakan as a cardio workout should be done by women. But if you're looking for ways to gain weight, then cardio will make you difficult to achieve. Because the cardio will burn more fat and calories that will actually make you thinner. If you want to gain weight, choose a workout routine that is more focused on the formation of muscles such as weight training and less cardio. Make cardio exercise to maintain heart health and your blood vessels as well as control your body fat levels.

3. Expand the Sleep and Rest

Wrong if you think that the way this one is a difficult thing for a woman? It is very easy, just that this is often overlooked. When asleep, our bodies produce naturally occurring growth hormone that helps repair the muscles and allows to gain weight and muscle mass are expected. The highest production of this hormone occurs during our sleep, then it is very important to get a good rest to support the process of weight gain. The ideal sleep time is approximately 8 hours.

Another thing that is important and must be considered is to remove stress from everyday activities, as this can affect the quality of your sleep and actually even lead to weight you down again. Starting today, try to keep the mind in order to stay positive.

4. Expand Calorie Intake

In addition to starting an exercise program to gain weight, you also have to add portions. Additional muscle mass and weight can be obtained by consuming more calories, so you have to consume about 500-1000 calories per day than usual.
Divide your food consumption as much as 5-6 smaller meals per day but stay focused to increase the intake of protein to help build muscle.

5. Protein Consumption Increase

To build muscle and gain weight, you should focus on high protein consumption, which is at least as much as 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The best way to get protein is by eating foods such as lean meats, fish, nuts, eggs and milk.


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