Google Still Hesitate to Invest in Indonesia

SeributawaNews - Government of Indonesia has yet to gain certainty about Google Inc's investment plan in Indonesia.Google's party is still hesitant to invest because it required building a data center (data center). This was conveyed by the Head of Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Gita Wirjawan, Thursday(18/08/2011).

"They are temporarily a bit hesitant to data centers in Indonesia," said Gita. According to him,specifically requested that Google's data centers can be outside of Indonesia. Google reluctant to build data centers because of security is not guaranteed.

Previous Gita once said, Google Inc. will make greater investment in Indonesia than in Singapore,Malaysia, and Thailand. However, the total investment to be issued can not be ascertained. GivenGoogle's investment, Gita believe will bring many benefits to be gained by Indonesia.

Gita explains, investment from Google will attract investment from other parties. But there are someobstacles that they want to realize the investment in Indonesia, one of which revenues from advertising(advertising revenue). Another obstacle that required the Google before making an investment inIndonesia is the availability of collateral security for the data center will be built.(


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