Apparently Capable Jogging Helps You Increase Weight

SeributawaNews - For those of you who want to gain weight and muscle mass, you may often receive advice that you avoid cardio exercise, like jogging. However, the actual exercise still need to do cardio to keep fat levels in your body, and keep your heart health. Well, this article will discuss the results of studies showing that turns out jogging, one of the most popular cardio exercises, can provide positive benefits for those who want to gain weight and fat-free muscle mass.

Increase Your Appetite

One reason why jogging may help you to gain weight is that jogging can stimulate appetite, so someone who usually have less appetite to eat more. This according to a study conducted in 2010 ago and published in "Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness". Therefore, weight gain supplement (Gainer) would really help supply the calories after the workout, especially after a session of jogging workout that burns enough calories, so if taken correctly will be able to help add weight and muscle mass effectively.

Accelerate Recovery

Other reasons jogging can be beneficial for those trying to gain weight is because of its ability to improve recovery after a weight training session. During weight training, large amounts of lactic acid tends to accumulate in the bloodstream and must be cleaned to ensure optimal performance in subsequent exercise sessions. Research in the journal "Medicine and Science in Sports" find that jogging is one of the most effective method to clean the lactic acid from the bloodstream, which can allow the performance of a person become a better workout in the weight training at the next session.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Another reason that jogging can provide benefits to gain muscle fat-free is because of its effect on insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity has a considerable effect on a person's ability to supply nutrients in the bloodstream, and increased insulin sensitivity will lead to more nutrients are delivered to your muscles and reduces fat stores. A study in the journal "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" shows that aerobic exercise, like jogging, has a significant positive effect on insulin sensitivity.

Do not Overuse

While jogging has been shown to have benefits for those who want to increase muscle mass and weight, but doing too much jogging can give unfavorable effects to achieve your goals. The reason is that jogging will enable the substance in the "Journal of Applied Physiology" is mentioned can drastically inhibit protein synthesis. So excessive jogging should be avoided for those who want to gain weight and muscle mass. Just do jogging or other cardio exercise in moderate portions, which is about 2-3 times a week.(


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