Tips to Prevent cavities

SeributawaNews - Number of patients with cavities in Indonesia continues to increase. Even more than 80 percent of children aged less than 12 years of having cavities. The good news is, there are a lot of effort that we can do to maintain healthy teeth and mouth as well as overall body health.

1. Toothbrush

Research shows the average person spent a minute to brush your teeth. During the process, only 60 percent of the plaques are cleared. By adding a bit of time brushing the result will be a lot more.

Set aside two minutes to clean the teeth. Brush entire surface of the tooth, beginning with the section closest to the tongue due to a greater risk for cavities. Choose a soft brush and toothpaste containing fluoride.

2. Gargle

Use a mouthwash containing an antimicrobial. Please note that our teeth occupy only 20 percent of all surfaces in the mouth. Pathogenic bacteria can live in-80 percent of the rest, like the tongue, gums, saliva, and other tissues.

Mouthwash (mouthwash) will kill the bacteria that are in an area other than the teeth and prevent and reduce plaque on tooth surfaces are difficult to reach by a toothbrush.

3. Avoid sticky sugary foods

Foods like candy, sugar-coated snacks, etc. will stick to the teeth. Even if you eat them try to brush your teeth within 20 minutes after meals to prevent the formation of acid by bacteria. If one wanted to chew gum, choose those without sugar.

Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. Not only beneficial to the body but also will stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth and help the remineralization of teeth.

4. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol

Smokers are four times higher risk of suffering from gum disease than nonsmokers. Meanwhile, consumption of high amounts of alcohol will increase.


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