Swiss Muslims plan to build the biggest mosque

SeributawaNews - Central Islamic Council of Switzerland (ICCS) is planning to build the country's largest mosque in the capital, Bern. ICCS is currently trying to raise funds to several Gulf states to make it happen. The construction of mosques and Islamic centers of worship activities Switzerland is estimated to cost 20 million francs, or 21 million U.S. dollars.

The building of this mosque consists of three floors. In addition to the prayer room that can accommodate over 500 people, the building also has conference rooms, education room, shop, parking, basement and garden. In the pages, Monday (16/1), President of the Islamic Council of Switzerland, Nicolas Blancho, in a local newspaper said his visit to Kuwait and Qatar, and Munday, for fundraising development.

Last year, as president of ICCS Blancho also visited Kuwait and Qatar. He also met with businessmen and officials in the country. In addition to talking about the aid plan to build a mosque, a man 28 years also talked about the exchange of Islamic sciences.

Persistence Blancho Islam in the country to broadcast this cheese is amazing. On November 2009, Blancho get resistance from the Swiss government plans. Authorities issued a referendum to ban the establishment of a mosque minaret will disturb public grounds. However, he did not retreat and continue to run the project to be completed in a few years.

In addition to building the biggest mosque, ICCS also offers many other Islamic development projects, such as establishing an Islamic school in Switzerland and travel agency hajj and umrah to Mecca and Medina.

Swiss Muslim groups joined in the ICCS was established two and a half years ago by a small group of young converts native Switzerland. The presence of Swiss Muslim groups are also a form of struggle against the referendum banning Muslim activities in the country. Currently, the ICCS has 2,000 members, and has organized several activities in Bern Muslim activity. According to 2001 census data, the number of Muslims in Switzerland has reached five percent of the total eight million inhabitants of Switzerland. (Republikonline)


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