If you do not want Baldy, Stop Smoking

SeributawaNews - Almost everyone knows that cigarettes damage the health of the heart. But, maybe not many people know that smoking also has contributed to hair loss, graying and balding process.

Cigarettes consist of 4,000 hazardous chemicals which are all harmful to health of the body. When the cigarettes smoked, inhalation of all chemicals as well. Of the overall chemistry of, nicotine and carbon monoxide is the 'culprit' hair damage.

Although gray is one of the problems of heredity, Dr. Jamuna Pai beauty expert says smoking can worsen it. Nicotine can cause blood vessels to constrict which makes it difficult to pump blood from the arteries. Smoking also produces carbon monoxide inhibits the blood capacity to carry oxygen and remove toxins.

"These two factors prevent hair tissue oxygenation and effective removal of free radicals from the body. Thus, this exacerbates the problem of hair graying and hair loss," he said.

Both men and women has the potential to go bald. Baldness in men is triggered by the male hormone androgen is responsible for damage to the hair follicles. On the other hand, women who have hormone androgen and estrogen in their bodies. Estrogen may protect against the effects of androgen.

"Women go bald too. Threat is higher than men. However, the negative effects of smoking make the hair loss experienced by men more than women (assumed to be more and more men smoke than women)," says trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah.

Carbon monoxide in smoke lowers blood oxygen capacity. Smoking can cause hair growth to replace the hair cells that die due to loss of hair becomes blocked. (republikonline)


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