Freeze of the Central Bank of Iran, antagonists of the U.S. Follow the steps

SeributawaNews - Iran calls U.S. sanctions on Iran's central bank is a step of the antagonists of the United States. The sanctions will have no impact on Iran's nuclear program.

"It 'a good antagonist and psychological warfare against Iran does not affect anything. There is nothing new for over 30 years against the United States," said a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ramin Mehmanparast, in a press conference on Tuesday (7/2).

Iranian Foreign Minister statement came after the United States (U.S.) sanctions freezing the Central Bank of Iran. Further sanctions ordered all assets and funds belonging to Iran, including Iranian financial institutions to be blocked, diverted, exported, withdrawn and cashed.

A number of private goods were potentially affected by the new U.S. sanctions. Namely, certain personal activities, presumably related to the Iranian government.(republikonline)


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