Optimize to Increase Erection Stimulation

SeributawaNews - Having a healthy sexual life, a dream couple. However, how to maintain the warmth and harmony as we age?

As we get older, problems are often experienced by people here when making love is experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Lack of stimulation, is said to be a major cause of ED in men. Because the penis erection can occur via the stimulation.

These stimuli can be through the eyes, fantasy, or physical such as palpation and fondling him in sensitive areas. If already aroused, the hypothalamus in the brain will release the secretion of certain glands. Hormones then signals the blood vessels in the area around Mr. P. The amount of blood flow to vital areas, making the penis larger and tense.

If you think that the ED only in men over 40 years. You'd better think again. A study published the American Journal of Medicine in 2007 suggested that about 18 percent of men aged over 20 years in the United States have ED, and about 51.3 percent of diabetic men also experience erectile difficulties.

Herein lies the communication required when couples are having sex. Therefore, it could be the stimulus provided by your spouse are less preferred. And, can cause the penis erectile dysfunction (ED). Sex positions, and the frequency of sex is also worthy of study in more depth. In order to have sex with a partner can stay warm and harmonious. (dechacare)


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