Guiding Toward Women Orgasm

SeributawaNews - Unlike men, women need a lot of prerequisites and conditions that led to orgasm sexual relationship. This is where the male partner are taking the role. What should be understood and carried out before the male partner, while it is underway, and after the ritual husband and wife?

According dr.Sylvia Detri Elvira, Sp.KJ, from the Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine, Jakarta, there are several factors that support that orgasm can be achieved by a woman, among others:

1. Couples who really liked, loved, loved.

2. Romantic atmosphere experienced before and during intercourse. To achieve this atmosphere, a few hours or even days before the couple can give the words a soft, flattering, and leads to a romantic atmosphere.

3. A comfortable environment. For example, the bedroom is quiet and comfortable. Low lights and soft music can help create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.

4. Feel wanted and loved. This feeling is greatly needed a woman. From the behavior and body language can be known whether the husband or partner really wants or pleases him.

5. Male partner to understand how to stimulate certain areas that make her partner aroused, such as the clitoris or breasts. It depends on each individual. To find out about it, he can ask and discuss with the woman or wife. He should also not do the stimulation on the areas that are not preferred partner.

6. A good flow of natural lubrication. A woman will be more comfortable if you can experience natural lubrication. But when it is not able, for example at the time of menopause, this can be overcome by administering a synthetic lubricant fluids, such as jelly with various existing brands.

If all the above efforts have been made, believe a woman will be helped to achieve orgasm. (Dechacare)


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