Kim Kardashian Fake Marriage

SeributawaNews - After deciding divorce on Tuesday, weddings celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries basketball player is now rumored to be just a mere hoax. The rumors emerged after a television station holding an emergency meeting after the announcement of their divorce.

Not only that, their marriage only lasted for 72 days it is a fiction since the beginning of their romance. According to sources close to, Kim was not so interested in her husband Kris and their marriage is only intended to gain popularity, Wednesday (2 / 11).

According to Hollywood Reporter, this shocking rumor came after a spokesman for the E! television stations, which broadcast live weddings Kim, Kris, said it would hold an emergency meeting to discuss their divorce.
"We are from E! was very surprised and saddened by the news. We send our support to Kim and Kris at times difficult for both of these," the statement a spokesman for E! quoted as saying on Wednesday (2 / 11). "E! will also continue with their lives more interesting story in our next release," he added.
The source also said the relationship Kim and Kris have been planned from the beginning like a television drama. While reported, Kim is looking for a man to become her future husband, but Kris has been previously selected among other candidates.

"Kim is not too interested in Kris and hope can cause a feeling of love, but it never happened." "Kris can not turn into a husband she had expected, before Kris had spotted a party with several women. That's what makes Kim can not stand and divorce," the statement on

In addition, they also pose the question of divorce, the inevitable question about how much money they would be handful for rujuknya scene. Divorced Kim's decision also came just hours after her mother's book entitled "All Things Kris Jenner and Kardashian" will be sold starting today.

Kim also had time to promote her book through his Twitter account in the critical relationship with her husband Kris. Some things that just begs the question of his fans about real life is like Kim and her family soap opera. Whatever the truth, all the news about the wedding Kim Kardashian family has benefited. (


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