Israeli Government Give Green Light to Attack Gaza Back Military

SributawaNews - Israel has ordered the military to take all necessary steps to stop the rocket attacks from Gaza, including the possibility of conducting ground operations, an Israeli military official said Tuesday (1 / 11), while Egypt continues to work for the creation of a ceasefire and said Israel has agreed to delay increasing their military response.

Israeli government's decision to stop the rocket attacks and will likely be ordered tanks to attack Gaza, it seems not possible at this time.

The official said the military's decision to act according to the severity of the attack Palestinians, it means that a ground assault would be ordered only after a massive rocket attack.

Israeli sources claimed that there were no rockets fired into southern Israel on Tuesday, and the military decided to postpone what they call "increased retaliation".

Israeli army now has the green light to operate in Gaza and will not need to wait for another government decision, but it will be done unless the militants in Gaza fired rockets into Israel, according to an Israeli military source. (eramuslim)


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